Regional Cadet Competition

For the past three years, Boise Squadron has put together a Color Guard team and competed in the Rocky Mountain Region’s Cadet Competition. Our previous commander, Captain Joe Jamison encouraged the cadets to put together a serious team when he first took over the squadron. At the time, it had been four years since Boise had been to the competition. It was high time we got back in the game.

Three years later, we have finally put together a winning team and are now moving on to the National Cadet Competition in Dayton, Ohio. The cadets on this team were trained by the cadets who started up the team three years ago. They performed brilliantly in the flag and drill sections of the competition and I believe that’s in part due to all the events in which they perform on a regular basis in the Boise area. They have performed in front of crowds of thousands at the Ford Idaho Center and at Albertson’s Stadium during Boise State and Potato Bowl football games. It’s hard to rattle them much.

As proud as 1st Lt Ryan Navin and I am of these fine cadets, and their ability to overcome the obstacles they did to earn Second Place at this year’s Regions, I know they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to succeed if not for Captain Jamison and his desire to get Boise into the fray again. For having set that fire in the hearts of the cadets, we thank Joe, and I know the cadets going on to National will make him and all of us proud.

Joe Jamison with the first team he took to Region in 2017.

Just a quick note about the picture above. The last time Boise took a team to National was in 2012 with a young cadet Ty Miller (second from the right), who helped start this team in 2017. Also on this team from the beginning was Cadet Caleb Bryant(far left), who helped lead this year’s team.

The 2019 team with the hardware.

Who on this year’s team will be around in a few years to train future cadets and to carry on the winning tradition?

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