Squadron Happenings Spring, 2018


I’m 1st Lt Ken McConnell, Deputy Squadron Commander for the Boise Composite Squadron. I’d like to welcome you to our site and take a few minutes to show you what we’ve been doing this Spring.

Lt McConnell with the squadron's C-182.

First off though, a few words about this blog which we’ve named the Commander’s Corner. We’re going to let the various senior and cadet leaders of our squadron take the helm here to show off some of the fun and interesting things we do here in the Boise Squadron.

Civil Air Patrol has three main missions and two of those are Emergency Services and Aerospace Education with the third being Leadership Training. Cadets and senior members have been actively participating in both ES and AE in recent weeks.

One of the things CAP is most well known for is being the organization that the Air Force calls whenever a small plane crashes in the wilderness. Our pilots and air crew members are trained to find downed aircraft and in some cases, missing individuals who may be lost.

We’ve participated in missions that have resulted in two saves and one find in the last month. The first mission was to find two missing fishermen on the Snake River and our plane found their truck which led police to find them the next day. The third find had a less fortunate result, but we found a missing plane that had crashed just south of Cascade. Unfortunately, the pilot did not survive the crash.

Meanwhile, cadets in our squadron are earning their rocketry badge and had their first launches. See that big Saturn V rocket? They learned not to shoot that off without enough power.

Because an under-powered engine could cause the rocket to sit and burn on the launch pad. Fortunately, all things can be repaired with a little ingenuity and some engineering. Four new fins will be fabricated from balsa wood and this big boy will be ready for launching again.

With summer approaching, there will be many more fun activities to participate in, including the Mountain Home AFB Airshow, and the 2018 Mountain Eagle  Encampment.

It’s going to be a great summer in southern Idaho!

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  1. My name is Jon Aronson, I was a Cadet in the Central Vermont Civil Air Patrol way back in the mid 80’s. Being a member of the VTCAP was one of the best experiences of my early teen – high school years. I have a soon to be 10 year old step son Jeff that has expressed a sincere interest in the military and I have shared with him that there is no better way to get an early taste of what that may be than to look into the Boise Wing of CAP. I am wondering what the age requirements are and if there is room within the Boise Wing? I am also interested in volenterring my time if the Wing is looking for assistance. I look forwar to hearing from you.

    Jon Aronson

    1. Jon,

      We’re always looking for volunteers, both cadets and adults! The cadet program starts for boys and girls at age 12. The adult program starts at age 18 and has no upper limit. We’d love to see you this Tuesday evening! Directions are to be found at the bottom of this web page. You need only have a valid driver’s license and inform the gate guard that you are visiting the Boise CAP Squadron.

      1st Lt. Ken McConnell, Commander, Boise Composite Squadron – also, a former cadet in the mid 80’s

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